Sony Bravia 2012 HDTVs

Last year Sony announced and released nearly 30 new HDTVs, and I swear there were even more the year before, too many to keep track of, and probably too many for even the official Sony stores to stock every model.

This year Sony has made our job, and your researching job a whole lot easier by condensing their whole Sony Bravia 2012 HDTV lineup in to just three new lines. Well, really five as their top and middle ranges are split in to two lines. But overall there are just ten new models for 2012.

Sony’s new entry level series is the Bravia BX (which is split in to the BX330 and BX450), the “step-up” EX series, and then their flagship Bravia HX. The HX series is also split into two, the Bravia HX750 and HX850.

The top of the range HX models are LED LCD HDTVs with 3D, while the middle EX series are LED LCDs, with the entry level BX models being standard LCD HDTVs. Lucky for us, all the new models will be available this quarter (Q1 2012)

Sony Bravia HX Series | HX850, HX750 Series

The Sony Bravia HX series is split into the Sony HX850 and HX750 series. All the HX models are skype ready but need the optional Sony CMU-BR100 camera and microphone, include Track ID, access to the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN), support apps such as Hulu Plus and Netflix, and have built-in WiFi.

The top, top of the line is the HX850, which features a frameless Monolithic design and Motionflow XR 960, where as the HX750 has Motionflow 480. All four models support 3D, and are dynamic LED edge lit.

Sony HX Series | KDL-46HX850

Sony HX Series | KDL-46HX850

  • Sony KDL-32HX750 | 32-Inch
  • Sony KDL-40HX750 | 40-Inch
  • Sony KDL-46HX750 | 46-Inch
  • Sony KDL-55HX750 | 55-Inch
  • Sony KDL-40HX850 | 40-Inch
  • Sony KDL-46HX850 | 46-Inch
  • Sony KDL-55HX850 | 55-Inch

The HX750 models will be available in March 2012, and the HX850 models in

Sony Bravia EX Series | EX640 Series

There is only one series in the Sony Bravia EX series, the EX640 series. This mid-range series has three models, the 40-inch Sony KDL-40EX640, 46-inch Sony KDL-46EX640, and the 55-inch KDL-55EX640.

Sony EX Series | Sony KDL-40EX640

Sony EX Series | Sony KDL-40EX640

The Sony EX640 models also feature Motionflow, this time Motionflow XR 240, along with clear resolution enhancer technology. They also feature WiFi (802.11n), but rather than being built in, it comes with a WiFi adapter which you have to plug in, no big deal right? They also include access to the Sony Entertainment Network. These sets are LED Edge lit, and are not 3D.

Available in May 2012.

Sony Bravia BX Series | BX330, BX450 Series

The Sony Bravia BX series are the 2012 entry level models, also split into two, the Sony Bravia BX330, and Bravia BX450.  These are CCFL backlit models, so no LEDs to be seen here.  The 32-inch Sony KDL-32BX330 is their most budget model, and is the only size in the BX330 series.  Sony didn’t specify the resolution like they did on the other 1080p models, so we assume it has a 720p HD resolution.

Sony BX Series | KDL-40BX450

Sony BX Series | KDL-40BX450

There are two sizes in the BX450, the 40-inch Sony KDL-40BX450, and the 46-inch Sony KDL-46BX450.

Sony EX550

For Europe Sony has introduced the Sony EX550 series, this series is is designed for the kitchen or smaller rooms, and is available as the 22-inch Sony 22EX530, or the 26-inch 26EX550. It is available in black or white, the white models has a W added to the end of the model name.

Sony EX550

Sony EX550

They are both HD ready, have 2x HDMI ports, are EDGE LED lit, and have access to the Sony Entertainment Network via the built in WiFi. Both will be available in April.

As with all ten models announced for 2012, no prices have been provided, but as Sony say they will all be available this quarter, it won’t be long before we know!

Sony also announced three new Blu-ray players for 2012, two which support 3D, and one which supports 4K output.

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7 Responses to “Sony Bravia 2012 HDTVs”

  1. I am told the Sony Bravia KDL-24EX320 is being discontinued. What is it being replaved with and is it worth waiting or should I buy a discounted KDL-24EX320? (I want 24″ LED and white)

    • Yes the KDL-24EX320 will be discontinued, Sony refresh their models every year.

      There is no direct replacement for the KDL-24EX320.

      The smallest HDTV Sony are making this year is the 32-inch Sony KDL-32BX330, which isn’t LED, or white for that matter.

      If you want a 24-inch LED set, you’d probably be wise to go with the KDL-24EX320.

      I found it on Amazon UK for you. New for £374.

  2. It seems odd that they’re not making anything smaller than 32″, which is too big for the bedroom or kitchen (at least in my house). Are Sony making more and better versions of their internet TVs or has Smart TV already proved insufficiently popular (in its present form)?

    • I agree Nick, you would think they would have some smaller offerings.

      But it is important to note that these are the U.S models, and Sony might bring something different (smaller) to the U.K. Although they often just change the models names slightly to differentiate.

      Keep checking the site, and I’m sure we’ll have some info shortly on the U.K models.

      The top end models here have their latest version of internet TV with app support for skype, Hulu, SEN etc. They are definitely still pushing it.

    • Sony have just announced the EX550 range, which covers the smaller sizes. 22 and 26-inches, these are both available in white and black.

  3. Are these likely to do everything that the EX320 range does? If they improve on the previous range shortcomings, I might wait for these to come on stream. Pity there’s no 24″ though.


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