Sony 3D Glasses Now Available

If you’ve got yourself a shiny new Sony HDTV which is “3D Ready” and most probably didn’t come with the 3D glasses, you will need to pick yourself up a pair or two of the new Sony 3D Glasses, which are now shipping.

The new Sony 3D glasses have a price tag of $149 each, and can be bought direct from the Sony Style store. Sony also offer child sized glasses, which cost the same, and come in pink and blue color options. You might also need to pick up a 3D transmitter if your set doesn’t come with one, this costs $49.

So if you wanted to pickup enough for your whole family, you will have to drop a fair chuck of change. So it might be best to just start with a pair or two.

The glasses have the models names of;Sony TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50.   They are compatible with the Sony HX800/ HX900/ HX909/ LX900 3D TVs.

Sony 3D Glasses

Sony 3D Glasses

The Sony 3D glasses work like most new 3D glasses and use an IR sensor to sync with the 3D TV, and feature a replaceable battery. Sony claim that the battery should last a good 100 hours or so before they need replacing.

Some sort of rechargeable docking facility would have been nice, but this would just push up the price even further, and probably make the glasses slightly bigger and heavier.

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