4K Sony PS4 Coming Soon?

Sony recently announced that they’re hosting a “Playstation Themed” event on February 20th. Many people, including us here at HDTV News are expecting big news.

And when we say big news, we’re thinking very big, as in the Sony Playstation 4.

This is of great interest to us and the TV market as a whole due to the fact that many suspect that the upcoming Sony PS4 will be a 4K / Ultra HD device.

Being a next generation device and with 4K / Ultra HD TVs now entering the market and soon expected to become mainstream over the next few years, it simply wouldn’t make sense for Sony to release a device which isn’t capable of outputting a 4K resolution.

Sony’s 84-inch Ultra HDTV (view our hands on video here) hit the U.S market last year with a massive $25k pricetag. But at this years CES Sony announced the smaller 65-Inch Sony XBR-65X900, and the 55-Inch Sony XBR-55X900, which are expected to carry much more reasonable price tags.

4K PS3

4K PS3

Right now many people are questioning buying Ultra HDTVs and replacing their 1080p HDTV due to the lack of available 4K content. Sony is shipping a 4K media player with their 84-inch Ultra HDTV, but a new mainstream 4K device in a vast number house households via the PS4 makes perfect sense.

Sure, there is upcalling, which every manufacturer claims will bring “near 4K” resolution with resolution recovery etc, but we all know nothing will beat the real deal. We’re sure that the PS4 will do a great job of upscalling, but if it can playback and deliver true 4K it will be a big step forwards into getting people to buy their new flashy 4K TVs.

When HDTVs were relatively new, Sony came along with their PS3, and Microsoft with their Xbox360. Sony went with blu-ray, and Microsoft with HD-DVD, and will all know what happened there.

Sony has already announced that it will be masting 4K content on to blu-ray discs.

Whether the Sony Playstation 4 will be powerful enough to render games at 4K (at least initial games) is another question, but 4K video output will no doubt help the market accept 4K HDTVs and get them out of the stores to consumers.

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