BBC & Sony To Trial 4K Ultra HD Broadcast of Wimbledon

Reports are coming in that BBC and Sony are going to be working together at Wimbledon 2013 on 4K Ultra HD broadcasts.

Sony has clearly become the leader in 4K Ultra HD technology and it seems almost every week they’re involved in another headline involving 4K.

Of course the latest news has been their smaller 55-inch and 65-inch 4K TVs which are coming next month with a starting price of just $4,999 and their 4K media player which is coming by the end of the summer.

Sony is said to be providing all of the equipment and will be working with BBC for the actual filming of Wimbledon. While it is clear that the event will be recoded, processed, with a 4K broadcast, it is currently unclear weather this 4K broadcast will be a live broadcast to the public or not.

Last year I enjoyed watching some of Wimbledon in 3D, and it seems to be becoming the event to push technology further. The source said:

“We’re really excited about 4K, it’s definitely something the public are going to love so we’re keen to start rolling it out as soon as possible. When you look at it, you feel something, like the jump from SD to HD, it’s amazing. Wimbledon is going to look better than ever.”

Wimbledon 4K

Wimbledon 4K

The new HEVC (H.265) codec has brought 4K broadcasts one step closer thanks to being able to compress the video stream down to 50% of the h.264 codec without any loss of quality. This brings 4K streams to about 20Mbps, which isn’t too much higher than the current 12Mbps for current HD broadcasts.

Once again we’re glad to see both Sony and BBC pushing the limits of technology. Of course with Sony gambling a lot on their new 4K TVs, they have to be sure that there is at least a glimmer of light in view for future 4K broadcasts and content!  via The Standard.

It is of course worth mentioning that LG did a closed trial broadcast of an NCAA event in 4K.

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