Sony BDP-S490 Sneaked Out

Sony announced their entire 2012 blu-ray player lineup at CES 2012 back in January, well, at least we thought they did.

As their latest previously announced blu-ray players are now starting to ship out, including their 2012 flagship model the BDP-S790, which supports 4K we spotted the Sony BDP-S490. The BDP-S490 model was previously unannounced, but it can be clearly see as bright as day listed on their UK site.

As of right now I’m not sure if the Sony BDP-S490 is a European model only, but I have yet to see it listed on any U.S sites

Sony BDP-S490

Sony BDP-S490

As you would expect from the model name, the BDP-S490 slips itself between the BDP-S590 and the BDP-S390 models. It is the the cheapest model to feature 3D support, so whether you own a 3D TV or plan to upgrade soon, this is Sony’s most budget model.

Along with Full HD 1080p output and 3D support including 2D to 3D support the BDP-S490 also offers media playback over the network, via a USB device and also from the Sony Entertainment Network. App support offers popular services such as Netflix and Hulu plus many more.

You can also use your iPhone or Android Smartphone / tablet as a remote control for the Sony BDP-S490.

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