Sony Crystal LED HDTV

Just a few days ago Sony reported they they will be pulling out of the OLED HDTV market for their consumer products. This action was in stark contrast to both Samsung and LG, who have both just announced their upcoming 55-inch OLED HDTVs at CES 2012.

Today Sony have just announced their new “Crystal LED Display” HDTV, which explains their exit away from OLED.

The next-generation Crystal LED LCD HDTV is a “self-emitting display” which uses a new method unique to Sony. They have mounted over six million ultra-fine LEDs in each of the Red / Green / Blue colour pixels essentially allowing for total brightness control over every single pixel, and creating a self emitting LCD.

Sony Crystal LED Display Explained

Sony just evolved the LED HDTV (LED backlit LCD HDTVs) and have taken them to the next level. A couple of years ago I wrote an article entitled “LED groups, the new resolution?”, where I explained how the current batch of LED HDTVs used LEDs in groups, which could be dimmed or turned off in the darker areas of the display, and at full brightness in others. But the contrast ratio and overall quality was determined by the size of these groups, with smaller groups being better. Sony has taken this idea to the complete extreme, giving each individual pixel its own ultra-fine LED.

Sony Crystal LED HDTV

Sony Crystal LED HDTV

With every pixel having its own ultra fine LED, it becomes self illuminating, essentially equaling the advantage that OLED displays, whose pixels are naturally self illuminating by design, have.

Sony say that this gives a 3.5 times higher contrast ratio, 1.4 times wider color gamut, and 10 times faster video image response time compared to Sony’s current models.

We believe that Sony moved away from OLED displays due to excessive costs which were passed on to the consumer. So we can only assume that Sony’s new Crystal LED display technology and their ultra fine LEDs will be at a lower cost that the upcoming OLED displays from LG and Samsung, but of course, we can still expect to pay a price premium for this new technology.

Right now the Sony Crystal LED Display / HDTV is just a prototype, so no model numbers, prices or release dates. But we hope we see the first Crystal LED HDTVs by Q3 2012. We will update as we find out more.

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