FIFA 2014 Brazilian World Cup In 4K Ultra HD

At IBC 2013 Sony has announced that it will lead the technical side with FIFA to produce and broadcast FIFA 2014 in amazing 4K.

So far only one match has been confirmed to be captured, produced and broadcast in 4K / Ultra HD, and as you would probably have guessed, that’s the 2014 FIFA world cup final match. While this is the only match confirmed, as the setup and everything else will already be in place, we could see a number of the bigger games also in 4K.

Previously both Wimbledon and the London Olympics were broadcast in 3D, it is only natural to see other high profile events used to push the new 4K technology.

Niclas Ericson, FIFA TV director, said: “The World Cup Final in 4K is the next natural evolution. We needed to be sure we had the technology that could deliver the trial this summer. We believe 4K will create a richer and more exciting viewing experience for viewers.”

Being the official partner, will further help Sony keep their foothold in the 4K market. Sony will of course be using their own 4K cameras and production equipment.

FIFA 2014 4K

FIFA 2014 4K

Sony has previously worked with the BBC during Wimbledon 2013, no doubt testing out their whole setup.

You might be asking yourselves about the broadcast part. As of right now there are no 4K channels where you would be able to watch this. So as of right now, we can only assume that the 4K broadcasts will be shown on large public displays.

Sony has been leading the way with 4K, and have recently launched the Video Unlimited 4K video download service, and the 4K media player, and not to forget, their upcoming Sony PlayStation 4, which can output 4K video.

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