Sony NSZ-GU1 Google TV Dongle

Sony for sometime now have been trying to get some form of their Google TV platform off of the ground, but they’ve not been having too much luck.

But we’re now in a post Google Chromecast world and now suddenly everyone can’t get enough of the Google powered device.

Documents have leaked from the FCC of an upcoming device from Sony. The Sony NSZ-GU1 is a dongle device, not too dissimilar to the Google Chromecast (view our Chromecast review), only larger, with a HDMI pass through port thrown in.

But the NSZ-GU1 is more than the Chromecast, it’s essentially the Chromecast + Google TV. It will offer a full interface, with app support, and built in streaming services.

Sony NSZ-GU1

Sony NSZ-GU1

Much like the Chromecast, it connects to an HDMI port, and in this case, if the HDMI port supports MHL, it will also power the dongle. If you don’t have any MHL ports you can power it via a USB port (as with the Chromecast).

Judging from the provided photos, it looks like Sony is planning on including an IR blaster, this probably means that it can be controlled from a conventional remote control, and also pass on the IR commands to your other devices.

For those of you who want the tech details, it’s powered by the Marvell DE3108 SoC, 8GB of flash memory and 1GB RAM. Interestingly it says it maxes out at 720p. We hope, and we’re pretty sure this will change in the final version, it has to.

The Google Chromecast was a huge success, no doubt due to its low price of just $35. If Sony can do the same and keep the price less than $99 we’re sure they’ll have a successful device. Also, the fact that it is an external device, it means it can be upgraded, much like how the new Samsung Smart TVs can be upgraded via their Evolution kit port. Source: FCC / Engadget

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