Sony & Panasonic Join Forces for OLED HDTV

Few could argue that OLED HDTVs are not the future of TV, especially as OLED display get bigger, and the prices get smaller.

At this years CES in Vegas LG stole the show with their 55-Inch OLED, quickly followed by Samsung announcing the own OLED HDTV. Since then Philips has been rumored to be working on their own OLED HDTV.

While Sony announced their Crystal LED HDTV, there was no mention of any OLED HDTVs in the works. Until now that is.


Reliable source Nikkel (via Reuters) are reporting that Sony have teamed with with Panasonic to produce OLED HDTVs. They will share each other design techniques, including Panasonics’s method of printing OLEDs with the aim to speed up and reduce the manufacturing costs of a large scale OLED HDTV.

Neither Sony or Panasonic have confirmed or denied this, but you didn’t really expect them to did you?

It’s good to see more and more firms entering the OLED HDTV market, as it will drive costs down.

We will keep you up to date as this story develops.

Update, July: Sony and Samsung have officially announced the join venture, saying that they will combine their unique technologies to produce OLED panels at a lower cost.

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