Sony Playstation 4 Supports 4K Ultra HD Video

The Sony Playstation 4 was finally announced yesterday, and we finally have some answers when it comes to 4K.

While not highlighted in their announcement and presentation, the new Sony PS4 will very much support 4K resolutions, and playback of 4K video and photos.

I believe that this wasn’t highlighted, because the games themselves won’t be in 4K, at least not initially. With Internet connected devices, and firmware and software updates who knows about the future.

But when it comes to HDTV News, quite frankly we’re not too concerned about gaming, but rather a new mainstream device which is capable of 4K video output. More importantly the PS4 is not only capable of providing 4K / Ultra HD resolution output, but also of decoding and playing back native 4K content.

PlayStation Executive, Shuhei Yoshid said “The PS4 supports 4K output, but only for photos and videos — not games,”.

Sony PS4 4K Video

Sony PS4 4K Video

As I predicted earlier, the PS4 would support 4K when it comes to video. With Sony pushing their new 4K Ultra HDTVs at CES 2013, but no clear 4K device to pump the 4K to the new TVs one was very much needed, and it would be crazy for Sony to miss this opportunity.

4K is delivered over the same HDMI ports (HDMI 1.4) so no major changes were needed there.

Overall this is great news.  It reminds us of the days where the PS3 (with blu-ray) was fighting the xbox 360 with (HD-DVD).  Both devices pushed 1080p HD into the living room.  Hopefully the Sony PS4 will do the same with 4K.

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2 Responses to “Sony Playstation 4 Supports 4K Ultra HD Video”

  1. This is so stupid. I bought Sony 4K TV 65″ to play 4k content, what do I get only movies that require a download not stream. Stupid Sony I was all happy to wait to buy your products this year. So much lag with BF4 on the 4K tv. Sucks alot

    • Hey papasito25 if you put the 4k television on game mode I found it to be extremely fast and responsive with 0% lag. But if your not on game mode it definently has input lag. I think sony is the best and fastest response time if its in game mode I couldn’t be happier using this tv for gaming