Sony Leading Ultra HD TV Market

There is a fierce battle going on right now with the Ultra HDTV / 4K market between Samsung, Sony and now LG.

We have seen both Samsung and Sony knocking huge amounts of cash off of their asking prices. Sony’s 65-inch model is now selling for $1,500 less than it was when it was released, and Samsung’s 65-inch model now demanding $2,000 less than it’s opening market price just a few weeks ago.

According to DisplaySearch Sony has 37.8% market share of the global Ultra HD TV market for the first half of 2013. LG ranks second at 14.2%, while Samsung is apparently in seventh position with a 4% share. We’re curious as to who is in third to sixth position!

While these statistics clearly show that Sony is way in the lead, it is also important to none that Sony was the first to release their 65-inch and 55-inch sized Ultra HDTVs, while the LG and Samsung models of the same size are much newer to the market.

Sony’s Ultra HD TV sales has yielded revenues of $185 million in the first half of 2013, with the total global market sales of $490 million in the Ultra HD segment.

Sony XBR-55X900A

Sony XBR-55X900

While Sony has very recently knocked 20% off of its asking price, $1000 off of the 55-inch, and $1500 off of the 65-inch, they have also announced cheaper Ultra HDTV models in the same sizes while should be making it to market by the later half of this year.

Sony’s total LCD TV shipments are expected to reach 14 million units in 2013, 2 million short of its 15 million market. Sony expects to produce 45% of their LCD TVs in house, while the other 55% will be outsourced to Taiwan-based OEMs.

The Ultra HD TV market is already super competitive, and it’s only going to get more so, as in 2014 a number of Chinese based manufacturers are poised to enter the market.

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