Sony To Drop Prices of Their 4K Ultra HDTVs

We’re hearing reliable reports that Sony is on the verge of knocking a fair chunk off of the price tag for their 55-inch and 65-inch Ultra HDTVs.

When Sony first announced pricing of the 55-inch (Sony XBR-55X900A) and 65-inch (XBR-65X900A) at $4999.99 and $6999.99, we were personally quite impressed at their prices. Especially considering before Sony released these smaller 4K Ultra HDTVs we ad previously only had 84 / 85-inch 4K monsters demanding over $20,000.

Consumer Electronics Daily has said that Sony will be slashing their prices on August 25th (2013).

The new prices will be, $3999.99 for the 55-inch and $5499.99 for the 55-inch.

The lower prices will no doubt make their offerings more appealing especially now that LG and Samsung are releasing their 4K Ultra HDTVs in the same size range.

Sony is also said to be releasing to new lower cost 4K Ultra HDTV models. These are said to cost $3499.99 for the 55-inch and $4999.99 for the 65-inch screen.

Sony XBR-55X900

Sony XBR-55X900

So how will the new models differ? According to sources they will be very similar to the original models, but will not feature the front facing 65-watt magnetic fluid speakers. While these speakers offer much better sound than standard down firing speakers, they do make the TV even wider, which some people won’t like. Especially for someone who wants the very best picture, they probably already have their own sound system, or at least a soundbar.

For those of you wondering about 4K content availability. Sony spokeswoman Elizabeth Boukis has confirmed 100 UDD titles in 4K by the end of the year for their 4K media player. There will even be TV content such as Breaking Bad in 4K.

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2 Responses to “Sony To Drop Prices of Their 4K Ultra HDTVs”

  1. This is great news. Any word yet on when the new Sony 4k models will be available for purchase?

    • Great news indeed!

      No exact dates yet, but we’re hoping it will be on, or just after the time the prices are dropped.

      So hopefully by the end of the month!