Sony Video Unlimited 4K Service Now Live

We have felt that Sony have been leading the way with 4K, with the other manufactures trying to keep up for some time now. Now along with announcing two new 55-ijnch and 65-inch 4K Ultra HDTVs at a cheaper price, Sony has also launched the world’s first 4K video download service!

Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K video download service (which was previously announced) has now gone live in the U.S. This service is the world’s first and only video downloading service that offers 4K ultra HD videos.

With no physical 4K format, it has been left to Sony to develop this 4K video downloading service. A lot of people don’t want to drop a lot of cash on a 4K TV and not be able to play any native 4K content, and be stuck with upscaling 1080p content.

The Video Unlimited 4K service will work with Sony’s FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media Player, which will pump out beautiful native 4K (3,840×2,160 pixels) to a Sony TV or projector. And yes, we specifically mentioned Sony there, as it looks like Sony has currently locked the FMP-X1 to only work with Sony’s products. This is a clear way to get people to also buy a 4K TV from them, and only them.

Sony 4K Video Unlimited

Sony 4K Video Unlimited

The media is first downloaded to the media player, then played back later.  It is not currently able to stream directly.  Sony say that each 4K movie is about 40-50GB in size, and the 2TB hard drive can stop up up 50 4K movies.  The files make use of the h.264 compression, based on EyeIO’s technology.  Sony also said that the device will be upgradeable to take advantage of the next generation h.265 codec which offers even better compression, which should bring direct streaming one step closer.

Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K video download service has launched with over 70 full length films, TV shows and short videos from Sony Picture, all in native 4K of course. This includes films such as Premium Rush, Ghostbusters, Funny Girl, The Amazing Spider-Man, TV shows such as Breaking Bad and much more. Sony says that 100 additional 4K content will be available before the end of the year.

So how much will this cost you? Well the Sony FMP-X1 Media Player is $699 standalone, or $499 with the purchase of a Sony 4K TV. A TV episode will cost you $3.99, and $7.99 for a feature film 24-hour rental, or $29.99 for purchase.

Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K service will offer TV episodes for $3.99 and feature films for $7.99 for a 24-hour rental or $29.99 for purchase. The service is already accessible via FMP-X1 Media Player, which costs $699 standalone or $499 when purchased with a Sony 4K Ultra HD TV. The new Sony X850A TVs will be available starting next month, with a price tag of $3,499 for the 55-inch unit and $4,999 for the 65-inch model.

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