Vizio Co-Star Streaming Going For $99

2012 has been the year for Smart TVs. If you have found yourself looking at these HDTV with envy? Wishing your HDTV had these features, you’re in luck.

Rather than going out and buying a fancy new Smart TV to gain this function, thanks to Vizio, you now just have to spend $99.99 on the Vizio Co-Star streamer.

The Vizio Co-Star is a small hockey puck sized device which connects to any HDTV via the HDMI port to bring smart TV functions to your HDTV. Vizio calls it “The ultimate upgrade for any TV”, and I think I have to agree with them given the price and advanced features.

At first glance the Co-Star seems to offer more features than comparable devices such as the Apple TV or Roku.

It is powered by Google TV on a powerful processor which can output 1080p HD, and 3D support. The small device measures just 4.3-inchs by 4.3-inches, and comes with a remote control with a touchpad, and full keyboard on the rear and IR blaster.

The HDMI input enables it to merge live TV (from a settop box or decoder) with streaming entertainment and app support into one, completely providing a Smart TV experience.

DNLA streaming is supported, along with access to the Google Play store and popular apps such as Netflix.

The Vizio Co-Star VAP430 is now up for pre-order for $99.99 and should be available very soon.

OnLive is also supported, giving you access to a huge selection of full PC games which are streamed over the OnLive service.

There is an Ethernet port, but also built in WiFi 802.11n/b/g. It is easy to browse the web or through apps using the keyboard and touchpad on the remote. Or you can download the Google TV Remote app on your tablet or smartphone to control the Co-Star.

The Vizio Co-Star looks very impressive on paper, I’m sure it will impress in person. I hope to bring you my own review review shortly.

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