Vizio M & E Series Add New Models

Vizio have been busy behind the scenes and have recently announced five new large sized HDTVs for the holiday season in two series.

Vizio started off their press release with the proud announcement that they have recently received J.D. Power and Associates’ “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with HDTVs” ranking. A boost to perspective buyers, who maybe haven’t purchased a Vizio HDTV before.

All five of the new Vizio HDTVs run from 55-Inches all the way up to a massive 70-inches, but keep the prices low starting at just $949, going to to $1,999 for the 70-inch model. They are also all “Smart TVs” with app support and come with the popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Amazon instant video. YouTube, Twitter and Pandora also come pre-loaded.

The five new models can be split into two series. the Vizio E series and the Vizio M series.

Vizio E Series – E601i-A3, E701i-A3

The Vizio E series models are the new entry level models and are available in 60-inch (Vizio E601i-A3), and 70-inch (Vizio E701i-A3) sizes. They are very well priced at $999.99, and $1,999.99. Vizio say that the E601i is an advanced Smart TV with a thin LED design that customers love, at an amazing price that would have only got them a 42-inch model in 2009.

Vizio E601i

Vizio E601i

They point out that it’s a great time to upgrade, as a 60-inch TV offers over twice the viewing screen size area than a 42-Inch model. Specifications are few and far between, but we do know they they are LED edge lit, have WiFi and 4x HDMI inputs. The 60-inch Vizio E601i is just 1.94-inches think.

  • VIZIO E601i-A3 60″ Razor LED Smart TV – $999.99
  • VIZIO E701i-A3 70″ Razor LED Smart TV – $1,999.99

Vizio M Series – M550VSE, M650VSE, M3D651SV

The Vizio M series has three new large sized Smart TVs added to it. The 55-Inch Vizio M550VSE, the 65-Inch Vizio M650VSE, and the Vizio M3D651SV, also 65-Inches, but the M3D651SV includes “Theater 3D” for an extra $200.

Vizio M3D651SV

Vizio M3D651SV

As with the E series, all three are Razor LED edge lit, and have Smart 3D support, along with a “120 HZ SPS” refresh rate which provides a sharper image during high motion scenes. Currently we’re not sure if it is a true 120Hz refresh, or a scanning LED backlight.

The 55-Inch model is just $949.99 for a Smart TV, then the 2D version of the 65-Inch is $1,499.99, with the 3D model costing $200 more at $1,699.99.

An interesting approach offering two versions of the same HDTV. If you’re concerned only with size and not 3D, it’s an easy way to save yourself $200!  The Vizio M3D651SV has a 240Hz refresh.

  • VIZIO M550VSE 55″ Razor LED Smart TV – $949.99
  • VIZIO M650VSE 65″ Razor LED Smart TV – $1,499.99
  • VIZIO M3D651SV 65″ Razor LED Smart TV with Theater 3D  – $1,699.99

All models should now be available. It is also interesting to note that the Vizio XVT3D580CM 58-Inch Cinemawide 21:9 Smart TV / 3D TV is now $500 less at $1,999.

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  1. The TV’s are very nice, although I would really love to know what are the differences in the E models v M models.??
    Why should I buy one type over the other please??



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