VIZIO M-Series Razor LED (M471i, M501d, M601d) Available

VIZIO have just announced pricing and availability on their latest M-Series Razor “All LED” Smart TV’s which provide consumers with “Edge-to-Edge Perfection”.

When Vizio say “Edge-to-Edge Perfection” they’re talking about their latest designs featuring edge to edge displays with an ultra thin bezel. Looking at the press photos provided the bezel most certianly does look very slim indeed.

Vizio say that the latest M-Series Razor LED Smart TVs have an ultra modern, ultra thin design for today’s modern family, and will give rooms an “instant designer home makeover”. While I’m not sure it will change the appearence of your whole room, it will certianly provide your room with an attractive focal point.

Vizio M801D

Vizio M801D

With a new base and neck, which features an unique interior metal construction to make it more stable, with a metallic finish. We must admit we’re a fan of the new design, and it certainly does look rather highend, and somewhat reminds us of LG’s designs, but either way, very nice.

So what else is new appart from the design? Well, Vizio say that the signature Vizio M series feature “new, faster” VIZIO Internet Apps Plus and Internet connectivity, but don’t specify how it’s powered. Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, M-GO, Facebook, HuluPlus, Pandora, VUDU and YouTube, and more are also featured, along with a backlit universal remote.

The Vizio M series models feature Smart Dimming technology which helps to boost contrast rations with deeper blacks and brighter whites. All feature a 1080p Full HD resolution and a 240Hz refreshe  rate with Smoth Motion enhanced with backlight scanning.

Vizio M Series

Vizio M Series

The M-series features nine models all the way from 32-inches all the way upto 80-inches. They can be split into two groups, the 32-inch Vizio M321i, 40-inch M401i and the 47-inch Vizio M471i, where are all 2D Smart TVs, and the second group, from the 50-inch Vizio M501d, to the huge 80-inch Vizio M801d (Pictured) which all feature Theater 3D.  This is a passive 3D technology which does not require the more expensive shutter glasses.

Available from Amazon right now!

VIZIO M-Series Razor LED Smart TVs

  • Vizio M321i | 32-inch  – $399.99
  • Vizio M401i | 40-inch – $529.99
  • Vizio M471i | 47-inch  – $729.99

VIZIO M-Series Razor LED Smart TVs w/Theater 3D

  • Vizio M501d | 50-inch – $799.99
  • Vizio M551d | 55-inch – $1,199.99
  • Vizio M601d | 60-inch – $1,599.99
  • Vizio M651d | 65-inch – $1,999.99
  • Vizio M701d | 70-inch – $2,499.99
  • Vizio M801d | 80-inch – $3,999.99


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  1. We are loving these edge to edge frames. Even more recent TV sets are looking outdated next to these new designs.