Vizio XCV100 Skype Video Conferencing App Available

Vizio and Skype have just officially announced the availability of their Skype app for the range of Vizio Internet App HDTV.

Back in January this year, Vizio announced their latest lineup of HDTVs and latest products. Nestled in one of the press releases was mention of the Vizio XCV100 webcam. This $150 webcam add on simply plugs into the back of “most” app enabled Vizio HDTVs and allows for free skype to skype video calls.

The Vizio XCV100 clips onto the top of the HDTV, and provides 720p HD video calls. It also features four microphones for superior audio quality which can be used up to 16ft away.

Being able to skype from the comfort of my living room, sitting comfortably on my sofa, while being able to skype with my friends and family around the world in 720p HD quality, for free, sounds very appealing to me.

Vizio Skype App

Vizio Skype App

You can also answer a call while watching a show. If you want to watch a sports even or your favorite show with a friend who is away, this will enable you to do exactly that!

While the Skype app is now available. Both Amazon and the official Vizio store have the listing for the Vizio XCV100 at $149.99 neither currently have it in stock.

As for using a Vizio XCV100 alternate / compatible other brand webcam, we’re not sure. And these probably won’t feature the required long distance microphones, so it’s probably best to stick to the official XCV100.

As Vizio say “most app enabled” HDTVs, you can search for compatibility with your model HDTV on the Vizio¬† TV Chat site.

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