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Westinghouse 4K TV

Westinhouse 4K UHDTVs Start at $2,500

Just as we reported back at the end of 2012, Westinghouse joined in the 4K / Ultra HDTV game by announcing their “World’s largest” 110-inch 4K TV at CES 2013.

While their 110-inch UHDTV is very impressive indeed, what is more impressive and interesting to me, and probably 99% of the world is their other announcements.

Along with the 110-inch model, Westinghouse also announced more “normal” sized UHDTVs with the same 4K resolution at 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inches.

At the end of last year, the only 4K options available were 84-inch monsters from Sony, and LG which start at $20,000. Although said manufactures have now announced smaller models, we’re pretty sure they can’t match the smaller prices from Westinghouse.

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Westinghouse CES 2013

Westinghouse Announce “World’s Largest” 110-Inch 4K TV

Our email inbox is overflowing everyday with emails from press regarding CES 2013, some more exciting that others, but this one caught our attention straight away!

The photo below pretty much explains it all!

Not only are Westinghouse clearly getting into 4K / Ultra HD in a big way with a “full line” of LED 4K HDTVs, but they have just taken the cover off of their “World’s largest” 110-Inch 4K TV!!

Yes you read that right, 110-Inches, 4K!

That obviously trumps the 84-Inch 4K models from both Sony and LG which are currently available for $25,000 and $20,000 respectively, and the upcoming 85-Inch Samsung Ultra HD / 4K TV which Samsung is announcing at CES 2013.

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Westinghouse VR6025Z

Westinghouse Super Bowl HDTV Deals

The 2012 Super Bowl is just around the corner now, and it has almost become a tradition for HDTV manufactures to offers huge discounts on their HDTVs, for big screen viewing of the big game.

This year Westinghouse, who have grown in popularity for their excellent value, is jumping on the opportunity, and have just emailed us to let us know of their offers.

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Westinghouse UW46T5PZ

Westinghouse 2012 HDTVs Announced at CES

While the likes of Samsung and LG are teasing us with sneak peeks of their upcoming HDTVs for 2012 (which they will fully reveal next week at CES 2012), Westinghouse have gone further, much further, and have just announced their whole HDTV lineup for 2012!

While they have told us exactly what we can expect to see from them in 2012, including all the different series, they have, as expected, held back on any prices, release dates, and most model names. But we’re sure they will divulge this information next week at CES.

We’re seeing a number of LED backlit LCD models (aka. LED HDTVs), including the 70-inch Westinghouse UW70T9VZ (UW70 Series), and the 55-inch Westinghouse EW55 series. Both have 1080p and 120Hz refresh rates.

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