Westinghouse Announce “World’s Largest” 110-Inch 4K TV

Our email inbox is overflowing everyday with emails from press regarding CES 2013, some more exciting that others, but this one caught our attention straight away!

The photo below pretty much explains it all!

Not only are Westinghouse clearly getting into 4K / Ultra HD in a big way with a “full line” of LED 4K HDTVs, but they have just taken the cover off of their “World’s largest” 110-Inch 4K TV!!

Yes you read that right, 110-Inches, 4K!

That obviously trumps the 84-Inch 4K models from both Sony and LG which are currently available for $25,000 and $20,000 respectively, and the upcoming 85-Inch Samsung Ultra HD / 4K TV which Samsung is announcing at CES 2013.

Westinghouse CES 2013

Westinghouse CES 2013

While the 110-inch 4K monster is going to be hugely impressive in every sense of the word, we’re equally excited to here that there will be a “full line” of 4K TVs. I feel this will truly bring 4K to the mass market as I’m assuming and hoping that they will be priced a lot more earthly than the $20k+ offerings we already have.

Westinghouse now join Hisense in the “normal” sized 4K HDTV coming our way. So this is a very good sign that the other top brand TV manufacturers will also follow.

Along with new sizes and designs, Westinghouse have also announced their “next generation of connected HDTV”, ie, Smart TVs.

Well done Westinghouse! We can’t wait to checkout your offerings at CES 2013!

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